This blog is dedicated to clean energy, the discussion of environmental concerns and all things to do with reducing your carbon footprint on the Earth.

I firmly believe that saving the environment is critically important to our survival here. At the moment we are definitely abusing the planet and draining natural resources without a concern for far enough in the future. We are dependent upon resources which are going to run out relatively soon and as a result we are putting all of our eggs in one basket.

I am hopeful that together we can see that this is not a sustainable way to live and that, also together, we can work towards developing and living in a way that is in the best interests of the planet and will work well for all of us.

In this blog I am aiming to write about topics that are important to me and that I believe should be seriously considered in order for us all to live in a way which is more in keeping with the sustainability of the environment. Sometimes I will discuss topics such as home heating, while at others I will talk about the specifics of convection heating systems.