Green energy fuels are a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. There are many kinds of natural and clean ways to provide power for our everyday needs that do not cause excessive pollution. These renewable resources come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are limitless.

The following are considered to be the most cost efficient, popular, and effective green energy sources.

I. Solar Power

One of the fastest growing, cleanest, and most efficient green energy fuels is solar power. The sun has long been considered a Wind Turbines great source of renewable energy and the technology to harness its massive power is now becoming more and more affordable and widely used. The development of solar panels and cells used to power everything from flashlights to entire homes, and even entire power plants, are now being used around the world. These panels and cells store energy from the sun and provide users with an unlimited source of electrical power. Recently, an increase has been seen in the use of solar energy in homes and cars because many government programs are offering users of solar energy tax incentives in an effort to promote a cleaner, everlasting, energy source, thus now making it an affordable option for everyday, environmentally conscious people.

II. Wind Power

Wind power is great source of natural, clean, energy and is one of the best ways to provide pollutant free electricity to homes and businesses. Converting wind energy into electrical power through the use of turbines are being used to power large scale power plants, as well as, isolated, rural farms, where electricity is not easy or cheap to come by. Wind power has almost no negative impacts on the environment and the industry has seen a huge jump in the production, and use of wind turbines within in the past few years. Many countries are beginning to develop and produce mini wind turbines designed to power home appliances, and even entire houses. The great thing about wind energy is that it can be harnessed pretty much anywhere on earth. Many European countries are building huge wind turbines in the seas and oceans which border their countries. China and the United states are doing the same thing on their vast reserves of rural farm land in order to provide clean power to its citizens.

III. Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power is the most widely used alternative green energy fuel source, and its popularity is continuing to grow. Electrical power generated by damming flowing or falling water has little to no waste by-products, making it one of the cleanest renewable resources available. Hydroelectric power provides limitless clean energy to large electrical plants which power large industrial complexes. They also are cost friendly to run and maintain. This saves communities tons of money in maintenance and repair costs. A typical hydroelectric plant will operate for nearly a century.

IV. Geothermal Power

Geothermal power is one the cleanest, most powerful green energy fuels. Produced naturally by the earth, it is cheap, and can be used for both large and small scale electrical needs.Though limited to areas where tectonic plates meet, where friction produces the heat necessary to produce its energy, geothermal resources are still found and used all over the world. More than 20 countries are currently using electricity produced by geothermal energy, and its popularity and use are continuing to grow. It has the ability to both, heat a house, as well as, produce enough energy to meet the power needs of an entire city. Technology used to capture geothermal energy has been growing, making it more affordable and trustworthy than ever before.

V. Biomass and Bio-fuel Power

Living, or newly dead, plant and animal matter, are some of the best sources of clean, renewable energy. This is because it can be grown relatively easy and used as fuel to produce electricity. Humans have been using these materials for fuel throughout history. Burning biomass materials such as wood to cook food and heat homes have evolved into large scale industrial growing operations. These are specifically designed to grow certain types of plants to be used as fuel to generate electricity. Biomass production and recycling is a growing source of green energy that reduces fossil fuel dependence, while at the same time reducing the amount of biological waste taking up valuable landfill space.

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VI. Wave and Tidal Power

Similar to the way wind power is captured by turbines, wave and tidal power can be used in much the same way, and with the same effectiveness. Still on the cutting edge of clean energy technology, underwater generators and buoys are able to capture the energy of moving ocean water and use it to produce electricity with little impact on the environment. Energy from waves, tides, or ocean currents that are harnessed in buoys and underwater wind turbines are the newest renewable technologies being developed.

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