It is very common these days to see people giving so much thought to the idea of getting their homes warm enough so as to ensure that they will be able to feel very comfortable when inside their homes. Winter always brings along a very severe form of coldness and it is always in the right direction to prepare oneself for such weather conditions. Being prepared enough also brings the problem of which heating method or equipment to use. There are numerous home heating ways known to man and each of these heating methods does come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Taking a closer look at some of the pros and cons of some of the most commonly used home heating methods helps you to arm yourself well enough to know which one to use with regards to your safety and how efficient such a heating equipment is.


Having a fireplace in one’s home has always added some form of worth and class to that particular home. Listed below are some of the fireplaces that are currently being used in various homes, how efficient they are and some of their pros and cons.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Fire, as we already know, has always been a major source of heat to mankind. The moment a fire is set; there is the generation of heat energy which ensures that the nearby surroundings around the fire become warmer. Making use of fire as a way of keeping our homes warmer has always been the most common way known to man since the day that fire was first discovered. Modern homes are now fitted with chimneys or fireplaces where logs are burnt during those times when the weather gets very cold. These days almost every homeowner or anyone looking to buy a house wants to be assured that the house he or she wants to buy has a chimney or a fireplace, although only a few really make use of the fireplace. Going the traditional way of getting your home warm with a chimney adds some worth to a property.

Ø  Advantages of a wood-burning fireplace

It presents one with such an antique sense of feeling as one is comfortably curled in a couch relaxing whilst the wood in burning in the chimney crackles producing such a nice smell.

Ø  Disadvantages of a wood-burning fireplace

  • When it comes to efficiency, wood burning fireplaces rank very low. Though one feels warm whenever these chimneys are lit, they do not necessarily mean that the rooms are also being heated. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the heat escapes through the chimney opening. The escaping heat from the fireplace also pulls with it the heat of other rooms in the house making the rooms colder than they were at first.
  • It also consumes the oxygen that is present in the room. This is also due to the fact that for burning to take place, oxygen should be present. This leads to pressure being put on the little oxygen present in the room.
  • It also brings about pollution of the atmosphere as the smoke feels the room. This is always mistaken for the burning wood having a nice smell.

Gas Fireplace

Another way of getting our various homes heated is through the use of gas fireplaces. This is the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as the main source of energy for the gas fireplace. Using the gas fireplace has some advantages and these include;

  • Using a gas fireplace makes it possible to have a very clean room which is not the case with using wood.
  • It does not leave unpleasant smell of smoke in your room
  • It does not use the oxygen in the room

The disadvantage of using a gas fireplace is that it is very costly to acquire a propane tank erected if you have a house which does not have a natural gas pipeline.

Moreover, there is the risk of accidental fires being caused by any unchecked leaks to the propane tank which may in turn lead to the loss of properties and even lives.

Electric Fireplace

This has to do with getting one of these technologically advanced modern day chimneys which uses electricity as its main source of energy. They come in various brands, makes and models and also have different sizes. This helps a potential buyer in getting the one that perfectly suits his or her home. They are also very stylish and therefore add worth and prestige to properties.

Ø  Advantages of an electric fireplace

  • It ensures that a room is heated very well without allowing the already existing heat to escape
  • They are also portable and as such can be moved to any place within the house where it is needed most
  • They also do not corrode easily hence they do last longer than the gas fireplaces
  • Due to the fact that electric fireplaces make use of electricity, they do not release any harmful substances into the atmosphere and this makes it have the edge over all the other heating equipment as humans keep looking for ways to reduce the GHG in the atmosphere

Ø  Disadvantages of an electric fireplace

  • The warmth in a room goes away as soon as there is an outage in power supply
  • Using an electric fireplace also causes your energy bill to increase sizeably

Taking a careful look at the pros and cons of all the above discussed fireplaces, one is bound to settle on an electric fireplace mainly due to it being Eco-friendly in nature and also being very efficient. Of all the discussed fireplaces, electric fireplace are the most efficient as it helps in heating a room without producing any harmful by-products.