Energy, as we do know, has so many definitions. However, the one that really causes us to see what it really means is the power which is gotten from usage of either chemical resources or physical resources mainly for the provision of heat and the ability to power machines. Simply put it is the ability to execute any given task as easily as possible. Energy is required in the execution of all work and all kinds of mobility. Even in humans, the food that we do take in chemically metamorphoses into energy which helps us to carry out all types of work that demand some kind of energy in their execution like walking, talking, among others.

Since the day of the first humans up to date, man has always relied on different forms energy to get almost everything done without doing much himself. Man has made use of energy sources like fossil fuels, solar, hydro, wood, and other sources to get work done within a very short period of time.

These sources of energy, as we are well aware of, have helped man tremendously in the provision of comfort and simplifying tedious tasks and making them very easy to do. An example is the idea of having to travel a distance of about 100km on foot, some years ago and embarking on a similar journey with a vehicle. The energy one will use in travelling for 100 km is not something to be comprehended easily with its accompanying hazards that will be encountered on the journey such as wild animals and unbearable weather conditions. However, when one considers travelling on a journey of 100 km in a vehicle, all that one can think of is the joy and comfort that comes with such journeys. This is mainly due to the fact that a vehicle was used in the second instance. Such journeys are some fun to be embarked on these days that kids always want to know when the family will be embarking on such a very long journey.

Whilst the talk about energy making it a lot more simpler to do all kinds of work can go on and on and on, but there has been a twist in the story of energy of late.

Researchers have been able to carry out some studies and their findings have sent chills down the spines of numerous governments and major institutions. This has to do with current calculations which show a growing trend in the area of energy and how it is being consumed on a daily basis. Without carefully laid down rules and regulations to help check how energy is being consumed, there will come a time when there won’t be anything left to propel the various kinds of machines that we do have.

This has led to many nations putting in place measures that are to ensure the little energy left is consumed wisely.

The UK has also been on the forefront of this battle of trying to help check the energy consumption of its citizens. This can be seen in the various measures it has put in place to save energy consumption like ‘The Green Deal’.

The Green Deal is a policy instituted by the government of UK to allow loans to be given to institutions that have decided to undertake certain energy-saving measures. This policy was launched on October 1st, 2012 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Some of the major policies that have been laid down by the UK government to help save energy consumption include;

  1. Reduction in VAT rate for energy saving material
  2. Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 and Energy Conservation Act 1996
  3. Zero Carbon Buildings
  4. Supplier Obligations-Community Energy Savings Programme
  5. Micro generation
  6. Act CO2 Campaign
  7. Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
  8. Transport Innovation Fund
  9. Smarter Choices
  10. Act on CO2 (Transport) Campaign and Eco Driving
  11. Climate Change Agreement
  12. Carbon Trust programmes
  13. The Energy Saving Trust
  14. Climate Change Act
  15. Energy Act 2010
  16. Low Carbon

These are but just a few of the policies that have been put in place in a bid to save energy consumption in the UK. Taking a deeper look at what each of these policies entails provides one with how serious the government of the UK is in saving energy consumption.

With these regulations in place, the question about whether the UK is doing enough to save energy consumption needs no response at all for these policies do speak a lot about how dead serious the government really is with regards to saving energy consumption.

Though it is a known fact that the rate at which energy is being consumed on daily basis keeps growing exponentially, with the introduction of policies like the ones made by the UK, the little energy left may be used to sustain this world for a little longer than prophesied by the numerous researchers.

On a separate note, have a merry Xmas and a happy new year!