Today I want to share with you a little information about a new hedge trimmer that I have found to be very useful. It’s called the GTech HT20 and it’s an cordless electric hedge trimmer.

GTech HT20 Hedge Trimmer

I’ll keep the post short because there are plenty of other in-depth reviews of this gtech hedge trimmer out there already, but this is what I love about it:

Cordless and electric – Take it anywhere, no cables and it’s quiet compared to a petrol one

Battery Life – 45 mins of use is plenty for me and I have a medium sized garden. I also have a spare battery just in case I have a big job on

Adjustable – I love how easy it is to adjust the head angle so I can reach the tops of the hedges and also cut lower down. I used another model before which wasn’t so adjustable and it gave me back ache.

Branch Cutter – Being able to use the interchangeable branch cutter head is an excellent feature. Most of my work is hedge trimming but I do have the odd branch to cut from a few trees. Now I don’t have to get another tool out, I just use the same one. Ideal.

As I said, just a quick post today. I know I haven’t been posting so much lately but I’ve been really busy. This new tool that I have though made me want to share it with you. If you’re looking for a new tool for your shed and garden I’d recommend this one. Makes me feel a little better that it’s not another petrol one, too, so I’m going greener!

Let me know what you guys think to this one. If you want more info check out this review of the GTech HT20 here.