Going green is not just something that is simply being done in homes and businesses around the world. It’s being done on a larger scale, and there are many energy projects that you should know about. Some of the most compelling of options will impress you, including the solutions that you may not have heard about. Some grand scale solutions that you may not know about include solutions that are going to impress you with an incredible push forward in certain avenues. If your goal is to figure out how to go green, perhaps the following will give you some inspiration, as these are large-scale solutions that are helping go green across the world, and are inspiring many companies to rise up and help the planet, etc.

The Largest Solar Thermal Plant

Largest Solar Thermal Plant

In order to start looking into the bigger picture of renewable energy projects, you’ll need to look into the greater good that occurs in the desert. Out in the desert, you’re going to find that many companies are moving forward with going green. That includes focusing on working with solar and thermal energy. One of the largest plants in the United States was brought up in Ivanpah. Located 40 miles away from Las Vegas, in the center of the desert, 173,500 mirrors were placed across 3,500 acres. These mirrors collected the solar energy from the rays of the sun and focus that energy across boilers that help power solar towers and that energy is spread across several different grids. This largescale solution has been noted the largest solar panel thermal plant in the world, and it uses the sun’s rays to contribute to a renewable energy source that many others are starting to follow suit with. Think about solar paneling but on a massive scale. Remember, 3,500 acres with upwards of 173,500 mirrors that absorb the rays of the sun to create incredible solar power.

The Largest Solar Plant Standing

Largest Solar Plant Standing

Moving along, you’re going to find that the largest solar plant that focuses purely on solar is found in Morocco. This location is home to what is renowned as the largest solar plant in the world, and it uses photovoltaics or PV. Set out in the desert area, you’ll find that the advantage of this solution in Ouarzazate is an incredible solution that is helping renewable energy take another step forward. Unlike the Mojave desert solution, this is one that uses a more traditional approach to solar paneling. The panels aren’t the same as thermal energy, as you’ll find that this is a solution that harnesses the power of the sun.

Australia’s Rooftop Energy Solution

AGL Energy Docklands office,

Another solution that you are going to want to consider in regard to renewable energy is found in Melbourne, Australia. You see, there is a powerful office building in the city and it is host to 20,000 square meters of solar panels. These solar panels help with creating upwards of 110,000 kWh of electrical transmission per year, and it’s one of the largest renewable energy projects in the world. On top of the AGL Energy Docklands office, you’ll find thousands of solar panels that reduce the carbon footprint of the building and helps isolate the possibilities of energy throughout the country and world. Again, you’ll need to understand that there are 20,000 square meters of paneling that captures the energy of the sun for the building and throughout the grid nearby.

Back To Vegas

Nellis Air Force Base

For millions of people that visit Las Vegas, the glitz and the glamor never really stops. People from all over the world seek out this location for vacations, and so much more. You could find yourself there and not even realize that there’s one of the biggest solar paneling projects in the world. Since the city is centered in the center of a desert, and the high heat can reach upwards of 100 degrees on a regular basis, you’ll no doubt want to look into the energy that is getting renewed through alternative energy.

One of the largest projects in the area is found at the Nellis Air Force Base. Here’s where you will find a 102-acre, Solar Array Generating Station that helps create powerful energy elements for the base and throughout the area. This has been noted as the largest system in the Department of Defense and has been worked on and set into motion since 2007.

Germany’s Green Power

Photovolatic plattenbau

Focusing on another solution, you’ll find that you’re going to find that Berlin, Germany has something grand. It’s a compelling resource that you are going to want to look into, and it’s a powerful solution that could very well highlight something grand. You see, it’s within the city that you will find 426 square meters across the southern façade of a building there. The Photovoltaic plattenbau as it’s known produces a great deal of power for the building and the grid across several towers. These cells contribute to the power that goes beyond the conventional, and help creates green energy throughout the area.

California’s Wind Power

California’s Wind Power

The next big thing that you should know about is that of the wind farms that are located in California. This is located around the San Gorgonio Pass, and it’s a giant area of wind, that will no doubt impress. There are more than 3,000 wind turbines that create a powerful amount of energy and has been in place since 2015. The wind farm creates outstanding energy from the powerful winds that come through the area. This is one of the major farms that are located in the state of California, as there are 3 others, and that consists of 3,000 wind turbines each.

Overall, you’re going to find that the renewable energy projects mentioned above are just some of the most powerful solutions that you’re going to want to look into for inspiration and information about how renewable energy is getting forward progress. You’ll find that these are just some of the major things that are going on, as it’s an example of what’s going on in the world today.