In a period when the need for ensuring that one’s house is well secured in terms of being able to sufficiently provide for the heating and cooling needs of the occupants, it comes as no surprise when the issue of home insulation rears its head more often than not.

As humans, we do go to different lengths just to ensure that we have enough heat in our various homes when the weather gets cold and enough cooling when the weather gets very hot. This makes it possible for us to feel comfortable in our homes at any particular moment throughout the year. Being able to experience this kind of comfort in our various homes has led some of us into all sorts of problems with the major one being that of money and energy spent.

Huge sums of one’s hard earned money are spent on cooling and heating systems just to be assured that these houses can provide one with the need comfort throughout the year in any weather condition.

With such amounts going down the drain, the need to find better and affordable ways of guaranteeing one’s comfort with regards to the weather becomes imperative. This leads to the idea of home insulation.

In the first place, one will have to be very conversant with the term home insulation.

  • What is home insulation?

This is an affordable way of ensuring that one’s house is in a shape to provide warmth during the winter and some form of coolness during the hot summer periods.

Many a times occupants of houses spend money in acquiring air conditioning devices to provide one with cool and refreshing air and other heat generating devices like the artificial chimneys that are being sold these days. After spending such huge amounts on these equipments, it does not end there. One is also presented with the financial problem of having to foot the constant bills that come with the usage of those equipments. This leads to compounding the already compounded financial problem of the user.

  • Benefits of home insulation

The benefits that come with insulating one’s home are numerous and taking a look at some of these benefits helps any potential user to understand what he or she is really going in for. Below are some of the benefits:

  1. Money that would have been spent on paying of bills for the usage of energy is saved
  2. It helps in reducing the total amount of energy used in a house and the emissions of certain greenhouse gases
  3. It also helps to ensure that there isn’t too much over-reliance by people on systems associated with the provision of cooling and warming of houses
  4. Moreover, it also helps in raising the quality of comfort available in a particular home

These are just some of the benefits derived from insulating one’s home.

One major thing associated with home insulation is that the R-Values of home insulation should always be met, that is; it should be able to ensure that heat does not escape in or out of the house during the warmer and cooler weather conditions respectively. However, there are times when the quality of insulation may be very low and this may be due to any of the following:

  • When they are not properly installed
  • Not taking into consideration the size of the house to be insulated

When these factors are taken into consideration and the right thing done, then one is guaranteed the optimum best when it comes to getting provided with the right insulation for any given weather condition.

Things that you can insulate in your home (where to insulate)

Below are the things that can be insulated in one’s home:

  1. Water pipes: This is insulating pipes that connect the heater and water tanks to the house which are exposed in order to check the loss or gain of heat
  2. Floors: This is the insulation done within the floor of a house to ensure the checking of loosing and gaining of heat in the house even though insulating floors is something that is rarely done
  3. Walls: This means fixing walls with the right materials to prevent the loss of heat during the winter and coolness during the summer time
  4. Roofs and ceilings: This has to do with adding insulation to all the various roof and ceiling types to ensure that a house uses energy efficiently and ensuring that there are no places for heat to either sneak in or out of the house with regards to the ceiling and roofing


  • When is it most appropriate to insulate one’s house?

The most appropriate time to insulate a house is during the building of the house itself from its beginning or when there are some general renovations to be done on the house.

The various climatic changes tend to have some kind of effect on the amount of heat lost or gained in a particular period. This raises the need for one to insulate his or her home so as to ensure that the atmosphere within the house remains as normal and comfortable as it can be.

Insulation therefore is a way to check the flow of heat in a particular house at a particular point in time.

After carefully considering the various benefits and comfort associated with insulating one’s home, it can be seen that it really do help us to save some of our hard earned money and the energy that would have been spent on trying to find appropriate heating and cooling systems.

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