Thank you for coming to this information resource site which I have named “The Green Guy”. I named it so because I want to make this site all about energy conservation and ensuring that we people here on planet Earth take responsibility for our actions and do not destroy the planet before we have had a chance to move off of it.

So, if you are coming to this page it’s because you would like to know a little bit more about me. I called myself the Green Guy because I have always been interested in saving the environment. As a child I used to love recycling plastic bottles and tin cans. I assume I did so because my parents were also keen on doing it and sorting through all the rubbish and knowing that it was going to make more, usable products again was quite exciting. Or perhaps it was because I loved throwing the glass bottles into the recycling bins and hearing them smash, who knows…

I continued to recycle for years and then became more involved in understanding recycling and climate change while I was at school. Even from my very early years I always loved the outdoors and when I discovered that what we were doing was essentially destroying that environment, I was shocked.

I learned about deforestation, for example, and realised that many animals were becoming extinct as a result of it. This is totally unacceptable, as everything on Earth is interrelated. If we continue to destroy certain habitats then we will eventually destroy our own habitats.

I also find it hard to understand how people can poach animals for ornaments, like the tusks of elephants. These large animals are doing nothing wrong but they are being hunted just for a small part of their body. I would like to think that the people who are buying these ornaments have no idea what goes into making them, but unfortunately I think that in a lot of cases they do know how they are made and the reason why they are so expensive and rarer. This, in fact, seems to be the main draw towards the items – because they are so expensive and rare that they are prize possessions.

All of these factors, combined with research and interest on my part, have lead me to really want to help people understand the significance of their actions on the World. We are all here together in the World and if we do not take care of it there is a great chance that we are going to destroy it. Let’s together make sure that doesn’t happen.