When it comes to energy, you’re going to find that there are some sources that are cleaner than others.

Today, more than ever, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different solutions that you can pursue in that regard. If you’re looking at ensuring that you get the cleanest energy source, or simply want to know what the cleanest options are today, you’ll want to look into the following solutions.

These are the most compelling solutions that work today.

There are several sources that you can look into in order to understand which are the best solutions to work with. The following are based on renewable elements that are taking over the world in a variety of different projects overall.

Solar Power

Solar Power

The first thing that you should look into is the power that is harnessed from the sun’s rays. This is one of the most common and compelling renewable energy sources and it’s inexpensive to work with. It’s one of the most important options because the sun’s rays are powerful, and could very well be the biggest solution that hits both consumer grade and commercial as well.

Solar power is one of the most powerful solutions that is being used across the world, including the United States today. The most common solution is to utilize solar panels to collect the rays of the sun and then distribute that to a battery resource, or across the grid. Of course, there are limitations to this. If there’s no sunlight, there’s a limited array of waves that can be garnered, which is why many times, paneling is placed in direct sunlight, in areas that receive a great deal of sun throughout the day. That includes the desert, and tropical areas.

Wind Power

Wind Power

Another resource that many people don’t really think about in terms of renewable energy is that of wind. Wind turbines can really help with going green, and there are many solutions across the united States and the world that showcase this solution. The largest wind turbines today are found in California, and there’s thousands of large wind mills that produce enough energy to fuel small cities. In California, there large acres of wind turbines the power of the wind and convert it into energy resources with relative ease. The downside here is that wind has to continually flow, or it will not be easy to garner. Without a great deal of wind, the turbines will not produce energy, which is why this renewable source is only one of the many options to pursue.

Water Power

Water Power

Going forward to another renewable source, and one that has been working in a variety of ways is that of water energy. Water is utilized in a lot of different arenas to produce electricity. You’ll find that the power of water comes through with the speed and processing of the way that it flows.

To deploy clean electricity from this, one needs to work with waves, and tides that produce kinetic energy for the purpose of converting the strength of the energy into clean electricity.

This is a renewable source that has been used in many different arenas, including areas that have large dams like that of the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas, and Spokane Falls, which has power plants near the Spokane River, and more. In order to garner success with water energy, one needs to focus on the current rush of energy that comes through with streams, rivers, and more. Isolating the energy is hard, but once done, the electricity pulled through is quite compelling to say the least.

Geothermal Power

Geothermal Power

Another renewable solution that many people aren’t 100% aware about is that of energy that comes directly from the earth. This is a solution that is being harnessed by energy companies directly from the source.

This includes heat elements that are beneath the earth’s crust. To get to this source, companies drill into the earth’s layers and pulls up heat to ensure that they are able to move forward with the right protocol. It’s something that is powerful and renewable, but requires a bit of work to get to the heat.

Bioenergy Power

One of the most common renewable sources that are being used for cars and others, you’ll find the solution of bioenergy. This is a solution that is going to help with creating energy from biomass. That includes corn, vegetable oil, and more. This is a solution that many people have been able to garner a great deal of influence from DIY projects to larger solutions.

Outside of the United States, you’ll find that the energy used to fuel cars is often mixed with alcohol. Gas and alcohol mixed to create a more efficient energy solution. Biofuels can be made from a variety of sources, and governments are continually focusing to work with this solution.

Nuclear Power

Here is one of the most potent and powerful solutions in the world. However, there are those that think it’s not that clean, nor renewable. It is an important thing to consider, and it’s one of the most sustainable solutions that is safer now than it ever was.

Even though only 6% of the world’s energy is nuclear, it’s a powerful solution that uses fission to generate heat, electricity and more. However, there is a waste element that comes through in this solution that some will argue that you will not find to be clean, or renewable. But it’s still listed within the major energy lists as “renewable” and “clean” energy.

In Summary

The aforementioned are just some of the most compelling energy sources that are 100% clean, and renewable as well. It’s simply powerful solutions that are used by companies and even individuals. Many people have taken these solutions to the DIY arena and can be utilized in the home, and office.

However, in the United States there are a lot of solutions that are renewable, clean, and continually moving forward with relative ease. Across the world, renewable energy is continually being explored, especially within the bounds of the above solutions.

What can you do to Help?

We can all make a difference to our energy usage. Switching from gas to electric powered garden tools, for example, can help save the environment and is a cleaner way to work.