Since more people know about going green then ever before, you’re going to find that there’s something fascinating about the changes that people are pursuing in order to help with global warming and more. What you’re going to find to be true is that more people are going green than ever before. There’s a lot that goes into the green energy push, and something that you should know overall. Whether you want to change things for your own backyard, or you want to explore the many different components that come with green energy, you’ll want to look at the following fascinating facts. The following facts are going to help you garner a lot of attention and even some new found ideas as to what is going on with what people and countries are doing to go green, and it may be something that you wouldn’t even expect, or even know about, unless you consider these simple changes and more.

Wind Power

Wind Power

The first major fact that you should know about is simple, and it’s the fact that just one moderately sized wind turbine could harness the power of the wind to create electricity. How much electricity could one turbine produce? That’s an interesting question, and according to insiders that study energy consumption and more, you’ll find that 1 turbine could fuel roughly 1,4000 homes. To that extent, you’ll find that China builds the most turbines, and have roughly millions of them, with some sources stating that they are building 2 turbines per hour! They are dedicating a lot of effort to harness the wind’s power and should be something that you should no doubt want to explore on a lot of levels.

While you’re looking into wind power, consider that Siemens is one of the most compelling solutions to work with wind power. You see, the company created one of the most compelling solutions with an offshore wind turbine that has been producing an incredible amount of electricity. They have been producing 6 megawatts, and that’s roughly enough to power upwards of 6,000 houses. They have created the largest commercial offshore wind turbine, and have the record going for 30 years etc.

The UK’s Power

For those that aren’t aware, there’s a worldwide embrace of green energy. That’s right, the world is now emerging in regards to efficiency, and one of the premier solutions is that of the United Kingdom. That’s right, the United Kingdom is creating a lot of energy efficiency. The UK is a leader in the world of green energy, and so much more. You’re going to find that you can easily push forward to find out that the UK will help you garner a lot of surprises, but right now, renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric now accounts for one-third of the UK’s total electricity. Think about that for a moment. More than one-third of the UK’s total electricity has gone green today.

Spain’s Solar Power Night

Perhaps one of the most interesting solutions that you’re going to find about solar power is found in Spain. You see, the Spanish have found a way to ensure that the power from the sun isn’t isolated to just one area. They have found a way to create incredible power, and they use power from solar panels. One plant in particular not only has a full set of solar panels that soak up the sun’s rays, they have been storing energy at night, through the use of “salt”. The power plant uses the sun’s power, and generates 7 hours of power throughout the area at night, with a powerful boost from daily rays from the sun. That’s something that most people don’t really know about, and it’s fascinating to consider.

Portugal’s Push Towards Renewable Energy

There are a lot of different countries that are going “all in” regarding power. They have been able to garner a great deal of respect from around the world for doing that as well. If you aren’t sure what countries have gone in, consider that Portugal is among one of the forward leading countries. The country was able to run on renewable energy alone. That’s right, they only ran on just green energy without any other solution, upwards of 107 hours at one point in 2016. That’s right, the whole country ran on green energy for 107 hours straight in 2016. The country has since gone all in with this, although they do have other energy sources as well.

To The Romans

Did you know that the Roman’s were first to consider green energy? That’s right, The Romans back in history were the first to consider heating for their homes without even considering electrical output that didn’t become popular until thousands of years after the fall of Rome. The Romans were able to consider heating their homes with warm air that moved underneath their flooring, and around the walls. They were able to garner a great deal of heat through the use of geothermal energy, which is a green, renewable source. This concept is only now being used in many homes with under-flooring warmth, etc. That’s correct, the Romans were first to introduce green energy, and thousands of years before we ever thought of it for modernity.

Solar Power Flight

Did you know that solar paneling has been around for quite some time. Not only that, aircraft have been using these to allow for longer flights. In fact, it was in 1990 where a world record flight was placed into the books. You see, in 1990, an airplane flew across the United States, without using any fuel at all. The flight took the plane across the United States and it was 100% solar powered. That’s right, 100% solar-powered airplane that traversed the entire the United States.

As you can see, there are a lot of facts that you can look into when it comes to green energy. You’ll find that green energy is an interesting solution that covers a lot of ground, and the above are just some facts that you will definitely want to look into overall.